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Interventional Cardiology

In this procedures are most often used in concert with other analgesic regimes.

Interventional Neurology

Endovascular, catheter-based techniques using fluoroscopy and angiography to diagnose and treat vascular

Cardiac Surgery

surgery on the heart or great vessels performed by cardiac surgeons.

Peripheral Intervention

Medical devices to treat peripheral artery disease, CLI, and PE prevention: drug-eluting stents, balloons, Micropuncture needles, and vena cava filters.

Structural Heart Disease

Non-coronary cardiovascular disease processes and related interventions.

Closure Devices

It is used to close a defect or an opening between the right and left sides of the heart.


Contrast material blocks X-rays and appears white on images, which can help emphasize blood vessels, intestines or other structures.

DVT Management

Most commonly treated with anticoagulants, also called blood thinners.

Aortic Management

Medical management with antihypertensive therapy, including beta blockers, is the treatment of choice for all stable chronic aortic dissections.

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