Cardiac Surgery

Cardiopulmonary Bypass System

The Cardiovascular Group provides equipment and consumables that helps to temporarily perform the function of heart and lungs during Cardiovasular surgery procedures.

By improving the performance of these devices we are helping to improve patient clinical outcome during surgical procedures.

Terumo is pioneer in the area of Perfusion Therapy with our oxygenators and Heart Lung Machines, with our relentless pursuit to improve patient outcomes & safety during cardiac surgery.

PRIME Centre of Excellence™is an educational initiative from Terumo to help improve and advanced perfusion strategies amongst perfusion communitythrough differentiated Perfusion Training programs in collaboration National perfusion society and identified Centre of Excellence in India.


• The main aim of this initiative is to focus on the possibilities of the quality of perfusion. Surgical and Perfusion techniques observation in small/large group under the supervision of experienced clinicians will allow participants to acquire competent knowledge in dealing with the latest concepts and techniques in Perfusion world.

• Advance knowledge & technology skills of ?practicing perfusionists? in India.

• Drive paradigm shift in perfusion clinical practice and help improve patient outcomes.

• In continuation of our relentless effort to help advance perfusion practice and improve patient outcomes undergoing cardiac surgery, Terumo has launched

PRIME Newsletter

 ‘Perfusion Related Insights – Management and Evidence’ — is a scientific newsletter published every quarter by Terumo India Ltd., a company committed to providing healthier living and better health care abetted by superior medical technology. In the 21st century, Terumo is rising to the challenge of making health care more accessible and suitable to a range of needs all over the world.


The PRIME newsletter is an extension of that vision with perfusionists in mind. It boasts of an editorial board comprising eminent names in the field of perfusion, who strive to provide food for thought to readers by keeping them updated with the latest information and happenings in this growing field.


The newsletter has varied content, consisting of review articles on topics of interest to perfusionists, clinical experiences of experts, case studies to make the mundane interesting, latest guidelines from eminent professional bodies, and news updates from around the world. A unique feature of the newsletter is the ‘self-assessment’ section, which tests the readers’ knowledge and lets them judge for themselves how much they have imbibed from the preceding pages.


In short, the newsletter is a quick knowledge-enhancing companion for busy and time-strapped clinicians, offering the most relevant information ‘on a platter’, so to say, in a crisp, reader-friendly format. Undoubtedly an ideal addition to the perfusionists’ bag.

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