Consider GE Healthcare for your supplier of contrast media

We are committed to you, your patients, and their procedures. We have taken steps to help ensure that we can meet your growing patient demand with a reliable supply of contrast media (CM). GE Healthcare is committed to providing a broad comprehensive portfolio of CM products that help meet your patient and procedural needs across a multitude of modalities.

Our dedication to your procedures, providing a full breadth of contrast media products

GE Healthcare has a distinguished heritage in contrast media development.1-4  Our broad portfolio covers X-ray/CT, MRI.

Maintaining your supply is our priority, with four manufacturing sites, all owned and managed by GE Healthcare for greatest control. 

We have invested more than $240 million in the past five years to increase our capacity to deliver contrast media and we will continue to invest in the future.5

We work with multiple suppliers to help ensure the security of iodine supply.

Our dedication to simplification, minimising your administrative burden

Working with GE Healthcare as your contrast media supplier across multiple modalities may help enable simplification and the potential to reduce administration time. 

Added value of working with GE Healthcare for your contrast media products

Good Manufacturing Practice-Accredited9

All sites are current Good Manufacturing Practice-accredited and work closely with regulatory agencies globally to ensure

Diversified Suppliers

Multiple suppliers help assure the security of iodine supply.

Workflow Efficiency

Polymer packaging can help prevent down time related to broken bottles and metal pull ring cuts.


Reduce the risk of sharps injuries with +PLUSPAK polymer bottles from GE Healthcare by avoiding injuries from glass breakage and metal pull rings.

Range of Products

Our broad variety of products are available in a range of concentrations and volumes with different packaging options to meet your procedural needs

Commitment to Quality

One in five employees working at our four global manufacturing sites works in quality assurance/quality control.11

End-to-End Manufacturing

GE Healthcare is a vertically-integrated supplier of CM from primary active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacture to filling and packaging.

Established Products

Our products are used in more than 100 million procedures globally every year. That's equivalent to three patients being injected every second.10