Non Compliant Balloon ( FORCE)


Highlighting Features

  • Tailor- made polymer with sleek finish to refrain collision with stent struts.
  • Direst torque transmission design allows superior steerability and control.
  • Pushability, trackability and excellent progressive flexibility of the distal area.
  • Ultra-smooth transition area and lubricious hydrophilic coating for friction free performance.
  • Ergonomic, transparent hub facilitates safe connection.
  • Proximal marker bands at 90 and 100cm.
  • A parallel guide wire exit port guarantees best pushability and a better dye flow injection
  • Lower Profile, new jacketed hypo tube design and an exclusive blend of distal shaft material for more responsive push and track.
  • Excellent, responsive trackability by virtue of its design.
  • Highly flexible catheter outer body maximizes trackability performance.
  • Focused inflation force
  • Controlled pushing of stent towards the vessel wall
  • Incomplete apposition may contribute to thrombosis formation and SAT
  • Post- dilatation reduces target vessel revascularization (TVR)
  • Uniform stent apposition facilitates uniform drug absorption into endothelial tissue.
About Product

Brand Name - FORCE

Non Complaint Balloon